Transform your phone
into a Head-up Display.
SenseHUD is a compact, portable heads up display, compatible with all standard
vehicles. SenseHUD keeps your eyes on the prize, fostering a safer way to stay
Powered by You & SenseSay
Sleek, simple and designed for durability, SenseHUD’s phone dock acts as a smartphone
charger, while its display technology projects moving navigation, communication and
media within the driver’s field of vision.
SenseSay, Your Hands Free Sidekick
SenseSay is your trusty voice controlled assistant, guiding you in the right direction,
handling your any communication and media need.
Know the road ahead, with SenseSay’s turn
by turn directions and realtime map.
WhatsApp Calls & Video
Dial out through WhatsApp and you’re
instantly connected to any place, any face.
Text Messaging
Stay in the know with voice activated texting.
Text Messages Search
File through your entire text history without the need for scroll searching.
Never run the risk of a frizzy hair day, with SenseSay’s weather update feature.